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Snow Army: Subscriber Perks

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Snow Army: Subscriber Perks

Subscribing to Snowlit on Twitch is the best way to support the stream! (Snowlit’s Twitch Partner anniversary: February 18th, 2015.)

Here are a list of perks you get for subbing to Snowlit:

  • Snowflake badge beside your username in chat.
  • Gold VIP status for as long as you stay subscribed.
  • Full access to all channels on the Discord chat server.
  • *(Snowlit hangs out there & sometimes plays games with subs off-stream).
  • Bypass spam/link filters & slow-mode chat.
  • No ads during your viewing experience.
  • Priority in squads/parties in multiplayer games.
  • Exclusive info/events for subs.
  • Can add Snowlit to friends list on Steam/Blizzard/PSN/Xbox/Nintendo Switch.
  • Don’t have to be present to win giveaways.
  • Directly support Snowlit & keep the stream running!  
  • At least 42 exclusive sub-only emotes to use anywhere on Twitch!
Available Emotes Available Tiers

Click here for the Snow Army Subs-Only page!
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